What is Waulis?

In Waulis system construction there is only three new parts allowing cylinder to adapt to loading condition of the engine. The heart of the system is eccentric gear at the big end of the connection rod attached to crank pin. The position of the eccentricity is controlled via a gear rotated with an actuator. This system set up allows individual cylinder control thus eliminating most of the cylinder to cylinder variations or at least giving a mean to adapt.

render1waulis system

Waulis Motors has built several concept engines. Latest tests at Oulu polytechnic have been analysed and the break through result is that our concept has 29.1 % better thermodynamic performance than the engine prior to our modification. The comparison engine is currently in production and is top of its class, naturally aspirated 4-cylinders in line with 1.8 liter capacity and in port fuel injection utilising variable valve timing (VVT). This allows to reduce engine consumption, maximize engine performance and improve the adaptability to changing loads.

Waulis technology will automatically provide multi-fuel usage for spark-ignition taking the most out of the fuel optimizing engine efficiency. This is of great importance in areas such as China and Malaysia where methanol has very important position as ordinary petrol for cars.

VCR technology is not new, but Waulis VCR is the best solution against its competitors:

waulisRelative advantage between selected constructions based on commercialization potential. White circle is most suited and black circle is less suited. W: Waulis M: MCE-5 C: Nissan/PSA D: Gomecsys E: Saab F: Volvo/Ford G: Ford