Timo Pohjalainen, CEO  has proved experience in internationalization of operations, business operation and strategies and leadership

Tapio Pohjalainen, CTO comes with R&D and productions background of elevator systems and electrical motors from one of the most successful Finnish corporate, Kone Oyj. Tapio is visionary and inventive person to find novel solutions by cross-pollinating many different engineering disciplines using pioneer methods getting things done.

Francesc Vidal, Chief of Engineering. Despite his youth, Francesc is experienced in CAD and CAE. His way of thinking out of the box and problem solver attitude has made Waulis go one step further.

Jari Ängeslevä, Partner / Senior Advisor, International Sales

Petri Jussila, Partner / Senior Advisor, Business Planning

Jyri Pyrrö, Partner / Senior Advisor, Oulu Region

Chris Yogaswaran / Area Manager – South East Asia