The aim for the the future will be continuing improving Waulis VCR system as to maximize its benefits.

With Waulis VCR system, car engines not just improve its adaptability to different situations and work loads but as direct result of that, lower the emissions. This becomes more important due to the soon to come implementation of Euro VI regulations for cars. This regulation is not just as to bequeath better environment but introduces penalties for car manufactures that can’t meet this regulations. If the average CO2 emissions of a manufacturer’s fleet exceed its limit value in any year from 2012, the manufacturer has to pay an excess emissions premium for each car registered. This premium amounts to €5 for the first g/km exceed, €15 for the second g/km, €25 for the third g/km, and €95 for each subsequent g/km. From 2020, the cost will be €95 from the first gram of exceed onwards.

As the development of efficiency methods has reached its top, car manufacturers are opting to downsize engines, but with Waulis VCR system this will allow to keep using the very same engines, with minimum modifications, avoiding the development of new family engines and more important, avoid the fee penalty.